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Patios, Walkways and Retaining Walls:
We specialize in all phases of brick and interlocking concrete pavers, design and installation for any residential or commercial exterior application.

Our installers are certified through Belgard University and ICPI.
Phillippe Lawn and Landscape Services
Landscape Design:
The look of distinction that pavers, stonescapes, outdoor structures and plant material can add to any landscape is undeniable.  When designed with vision and architectural flair, landscapes create sturdy and effective functionality while aesthetically expanding the architecture of your home and outdoor environment. 
Finish Grade and Hydro-Seeding:
Hydroseeding is the porcess of combining seed, mulch, fertilizer, and tackifiers with water to mix in a specialized tank to form a thick slurry.  This slurry is then applied with pressure to the soil surface for seed germination and turf development.  
Irrigation and Landscape Lighting:
Your landscape reflects the pride you take in your home and your neighborhood.  An automatic irrigation system is the easiest way to keep your landscape beautiful and pride.